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World Charts

43,169,091 31,801,421 1,157,226
43,169,091 31,801,421 1,157,226



# flag Country Total Confirmed Total Recovered Total Deaths
1USA USA8,833,3845,742,083230,091
2India India7,873,6647,085,242118,621
3Brazil Brazil5,381,2244,817,898156,926
4Russia Russia1,513,8771,138,52226,050
5Spain Spain1,110,372034,752
6France France1,086,497109,48634,645
7Argentina Argentina1,081,336881,11328,613
8Colombia Colombia1,007,711907,37930,000
9Mexico Mexico886,800646,73988,743
10Peru Peru886,214803,84634,095
11UK UK854,010044,745
12South Africa South Africa714,246644,64118,944
13Iran Iran568,896455,05432,616
14Italy Italy525,782266,20337,338
15Chile Chile502,063478,25213,944
16Iraq Iraq451,707381,34910,623
17Germany Germany431,602317,00010,130
18Bangladesh Bangladesh398,815315,1075,803
19Indonesia Indonesia389,712313,76413,299
20Philippines Philippines370,028328,0366,977
21Turkey Turkey359,784313,0939,727
22Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia344,875331,3305,296
23Ukraine Ukraine343,498141,5086,391
24Pakistan Pakistan327,895310,4916,736
25Israel Israel309,413291,2062,372
26Belgium Belgium305,40922,87810,737
27Netherlands Netherlands291,25407,046
28Czechia Czechia255,37397,2822,167
29Poland Poland253,688112,6194,438
30Canada Canada215,880181,3819,940
31Romania Romania209,648149,7416,391
32Morocco Morocco194,461160,3723,255
33Ecuador Ecuador161,635141,75912,553
34Nepal Nepal158,089111,670847
35Bolivia Bolivia140,779108,0678,627
36Qatar Qatar131,170128,099230
37Panama Panama128,515104,5622,628
38UAE UAE125,123118,931477
39Dominican Republic Dominican Republic124,527102,6512,223
40Kuwait Kuwait121,635112,771746
41Portugal Portugal116,10967,8422,297
42Oman Oman112,93299,2781,174
43Sweden Sweden110,59405,933
44Kazakhstan Kazakhstan110,402105,6181,796
45Egypt Egypt106,39798,8136,187
46Guatemala Guatemala104,63293,8803,609
47Switzerland Switzerland103,65355,8002,081
48Costa Rica Costa Rica103,08862,0371,282
49Japan Japan96,53489,2821,711
50Ethiopia Ethiopia92,85846,8421,419
51Belarus Belarus92,82383,237957
52Honduras Honduras92,72437,8662,617
53Venezuela Venezuela89,14283,443770
54China China85,79080,8914,634
55Austria Austria80,81157,858979
56Bahrain Bahrain79,97576,474312
57Armenia Armenia77,83750,9081,180
58Moldova Moldova71,50352,2901,685
59Lebanon Lebanon69,90633,438562
60Uzbekistan Uzbekistan65,20062,342547
61Nigeria Nigeria61,93057,2851,129
62Hungary Hungary59,24716,2421,425
63Paraguay Paraguay59,04339,2141,293
64Singapore Singapore57,97057,85828
65Ireland Ireland56,10823,3641,882
66Libya Libya56,01330,731795
67Algeria Algeria55,88038,9321,907
68Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan55,75047,6161,134
69Jordan Jordan53,0877,508579
70Palestine Palestine50,44243,592448
71Azerbaijan Azerbaijan49,95941,279671
72Kenya Kenya49,72134,209902
73Tunisia Tunisia48,7995,032819
74Ghana Ghana47,69046,887316
75Myanmar Myanmar44,77424,9201,095
76Slovakia Slovakia43,8439,960159
77Afghanistan Afghanistan40,83334,1291,514
78Denmark Denmark40,35631,985702
79Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina39,75826,3681,075
80Serbia Serbia38,87231,536789
81Bulgaria Bulgaria37,56218,2321,084
82Croatia Croatia36,38024,799437
83El Salvador El Salvador32,58528,258949
84Greece Greece30,7829,989574
85Georgia Georgia28,43110,767201
86Australia Australia27,51325,181905
87Malaysia Malaysia26,56517,134229
88North Macedonia North Macedonia26,39418,430897
89S. Korea S. Korea25,83623,869457
90Slovenia Slovenia22,9528,424240
91Cameroon Cameroon21,57020,117425
92Ivory Coast Ivory Coast20,42920,137121
93Albania Albania18,85810,548473
94Norway Norway17,84311,863279
95Madagascar Madagascar16,96816,301244
96Montenegro Montenegro16,62912,601263
97Zambia Zambia16,11715,179348
98Senegal Senegal15,55114,254321
99Finland Finland14,8489,800353
100Sudan Sudan13,7426,764837
101Luxembourg Luxembourg13,7139,085144
102Namibia Namibia12,66010,779133
103Mozambique Mozambique11,8959,24485
104Guinea Guinea11,63510,47471
105Uganda Uganda11,4437,351101
106Maldives Maldives11,42110,47237
107DRC DRC11,14310,467305
108French Guiana French Guiana10,3769,99569
109Lithuania Lithuania9,9934,073134
110Angola Angola9,0263,461267
111Haiti Haiti9,0157,361231
112Gabon Gabon8,9198,51254
113Jamaica Jamaica8,7144,282188
114Cabo Verde Cabo Verde8,3227,23494
115Zimbabwe Zimbabwe8,2697,785236
116Sri Lanka Sri Lanka7,7843,80315
117Mauritania Mauritania7,6637,378163
118default-flag Guadeloupe7,3292,199115
119Cuba Cuba6,5665,998128
120Bahamas Bahamas6,2683,795130
121Botswana Botswana5,92392721
122Malawi Malawi5,8875,288183
123Eswatini Eswatini5,8475,491116
124French Polynesia French Polynesia5,7973,62320
125Djibouti Djibouti5,5305,39861
126Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago5,5034,018105
127Malta Malta5,4983,56751
128Nicaragua Nicaragua5,4344,225155
129Syria Syria5,3591,722267
130Hong Kong Hong Kong5,2965,047105
131Congo Congo5,2533,88792
132Suriname Suriname5,1665,016109
133default-flag Réunion5,1494,63020
134Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea5,0794,96283
135Rwanda Rwanda5,0604,80634
136CAR CAR4,8621,92462
137Latvia Latvia4,6781,35756
138Iceland Iceland4,4483,39511
139Estonia Estonia4,4113,45773
140Aruba Aruba4,4104,18636
141Mayotte Mayotte4,2762,96444
142Andorra Andorra4,0382,72969
143Guyana Guyana3,9942,970117
144Somalia Somalia3,8973,166102
145Thailand Thailand3,7363,53059
146Gambia Gambia3,6592,660119
147Mali Mali3,4722,636132
148Cyprus Cyprus3,4441,88225
149Belize Belize3,1061,92148
150South Sudan South Sudan2,8831,29056
151Uruguay Uruguay2,8072,30153
152Benin Benin2,5572,33041
153Burkina Faso Burkina Faso2,4441,99765
154Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau2,4031,81841
155Sierra Leone Sierra Leone2,3451,78474
156default-flag Martinique2,2579824
157Togo Togo2,1871,59152
158Yemen Yemen2,0601,360599
159New Zealand New Zealand1,9351,84025
160Chad Chad1,4341,25496
161Liberia Liberia1,3931,27882
162Niger Niger1,2151,12869
163Vietnam Vietnam1,1681,05735
164Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe94090015
165Curaçao Curaçao8375551
166San Marino San Marino81971642
167Channel Islands Channel Islands79567148
168Sint Maarten Sint Maarten78070522
169default-flag Diamond Princess71265913
170Turks and Caicos Turks and Caicos7016896
171Gibraltar Gibraltar6675160
172Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea5835457
173Burundi Burundi5575111
174Taiwan Taiwan5504977
175default-flag Saint Martin5384228
176Tanzania Tanzania50918321
177Faeroe Islands Faeroe Islands4904780
178Eritrea Eritrea4614050
179Mauritius Mauritius43538610
180Isle of Man Isle of Man34832124
181Liechtenstein Liechtenstein3401701
182Bhutan Bhutan3403060
183Mongolia Mongolia3383120
184Monaco Monaco2962442
185Cambodia Cambodia2872830
186Cayman Islands Cayman Islands2392151
187Barbados Barbados2272087
188Bermuda Bermuda1901759
189Seychelles Seychelles1531490
190default-flag Caribbean Netherlands1501213
191Brunei Brunei1481433
192Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda1241083
193default-flag St. Barth77660
194St. Vincent Grenadines St. Vincent Grenadines73650
195British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands71701
196Saint Lucia Saint Lucia52270
197Macao Macao46460
198Dominica Dominica38290
199Fiji Fiji33302
200Timor-Leste Timor-Leste29280
201Grenada Grenada28240
202default-flag New Caledonia27270
203Vatican City Vatican City27150
204Laos Laos24220
205Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis19190
206Greenland Greenland17160
207default-flag Saint Pierre Miquelon16120
208Montserrat Montserrat13121
209Falkland Islands Falkland Islands13130
210default-flag Western Sahara1081
211default-flag MS Zaandam902
212Anguilla Anguilla330


2) India India
3) Brazil Brazil
4) Russia Russia
5) Spain Spain
6) France France
7) Argentina Argentina
8) Colombia Colombia
9) Mexico Mexico
10) Peru Peru
11) UK UK
12) South Africa South Africa
13) Iran Iran
14) Italy Italy
15) Chile Chile
16) Iraq Iraq
17) Germany Germany
18) Bangladesh Bangladesh
19) Indonesia Indonesia
20) Philippines Philippines
21) Turkey Turkey
22) Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
23) Ukraine Ukraine
24) Pakistan Pakistan
25) Israel Israel
26) Belgium Belgium
27) Netherlands Netherlands
28) Czechia Czechia
29) Poland Poland
30) Canada Canada
31) Romania Romania
32) Morocco Morocco
33) Ecuador Ecuador
34) Nepal Nepal
35) Bolivia Bolivia
36) Qatar Qatar
37) Panama Panama
39) Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
40) Kuwait Kuwait
41) Portugal Portugal
42) Oman Oman
43) Sweden Sweden
44) Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
45) Egypt Egypt
46) Guatemala Guatemala
47) Switzerland Switzerland
48) Costa Rica Costa Rica
49) Japan Japan
50) Ethiopia Ethiopia
51) Belarus Belarus
52) Honduras Honduras
53) Venezuela Venezuela
54) China China
55) Austria Austria
56) Bahrain Bahrain
57) Armenia Armenia
58) Moldova Moldova
59) Lebanon Lebanon
60) Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
61) Nigeria Nigeria
62) Hungary Hungary
63) Paraguay Paraguay
64) Singapore Singapore
65) Ireland Ireland
66) Libya Libya
67) Algeria Algeria
68) Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
69) Jordan Jordan
70) Palestine Palestine
71) Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
72) Kenya Kenya
73) Tunisia Tunisia
74) Ghana Ghana
75) Myanmar Myanmar
76) Slovakia Slovakia
77) Afghanistan Afghanistan
78) Denmark Denmark
79) Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
80) Serbia Serbia
81) Bulgaria Bulgaria
82) Croatia Croatia
83) El Salvador El Salvador
84) Greece Greece
85) Georgia Georgia
86) Australia Australia
87) Malaysia Malaysia
88) North Macedonia North Macedonia
89) S. Korea S. Korea
90) Slovenia Slovenia
91) Cameroon Cameroon
92) Ivory Coast Ivory Coast
93) Albania Albania
94) Norway Norway
95) Madagascar Madagascar
96) Montenegro Montenegro
97) Zambia Zambia
98) Senegal Senegal
99) Finland Finland
100) Sudan Sudan
101) Luxembourg Luxembourg
102) Namibia Namibia
103) Mozambique Mozambique
104) Guinea Guinea
105) Uganda Uganda
106) Maldives Maldives
107) DRC DRC
108) French Guiana French Guiana
109) Lithuania Lithuania
110) Angola Angola
111) Haiti Haiti
112) Gabon Gabon
113) Jamaica Jamaica
114) Cabo Verde Cabo Verde
115) Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
116) Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
117) Mauritania Mauritania
118) default-flag Guadeloupe
119) Cuba Cuba
120) Bahamas Bahamas
121) Botswana Botswana
122) Malawi Malawi
123) Eswatini Eswatini
124) French Polynesia French Polynesia
125) Djibouti Djibouti
126) Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
127) Malta Malta
128) Nicaragua Nicaragua
129) Syria Syria
130) Hong Kong Hong Kong
131) Congo Congo
132) Suriname Suriname
133) default-flag Réunion
134) Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea
135) Rwanda Rwanda
136) CAR CAR
137) Latvia Latvia
138) Iceland Iceland
139) Estonia Estonia
140) Aruba Aruba
141) Mayotte Mayotte
142) Andorra Andorra
143) Guyana Guyana
144) Somalia Somalia
145) Thailand Thailand
146) Gambia Gambia
147) Mali Mali
148) Cyprus Cyprus
149) Belize Belize
150) South Sudan South Sudan
151) Uruguay Uruguay
152) Benin Benin
153) Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
154) Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau
155) Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
156) default-flag Martinique
157) Togo Togo
158) Yemen Yemen
159) New Zealand New Zealand
160) Chad Chad
161) Liberia Liberia
162) Niger Niger
163) Vietnam Vietnam
164) Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe
165) Curaçao Curaçao
166) San Marino San Marino
167) Channel Islands Channel Islands
168) Sint Maarten Sint Maarten
169) default-flag Diamond Princess
170) Turks and Caicos Turks and Caicos
171) Gibraltar Gibraltar
172) Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
173) Burundi Burundi
174) Taiwan Taiwan
175) default-flag Saint Martin
176) Tanzania Tanzania
177) Faeroe Islands Faeroe Islands
178) Eritrea Eritrea
179) Mauritius Mauritius
180) Isle of Man Isle of Man
181) Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
182) Bhutan Bhutan
183) Mongolia Mongolia
184) Monaco Monaco
185) Cambodia Cambodia
186) Cayman Islands Cayman Islands
187) Barbados Barbados
188) Bermuda Bermuda
189) Seychelles Seychelles
190) default-flag Caribbean Netherlands
191) Brunei Brunei
192) Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
193) default-flag St. Barth
194) St. Vincent Grenadines St. Vincent Grenadines
195) British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands
196) Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
197) Macao Macao
198) Dominica Dominica
199) Fiji Fiji
200) Timor-Leste Timor-Leste
201) Grenada Grenada
202) default-flag New Caledonia
203) Vatican City Vatican City
204) Laos Laos
205) Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis
206) Greenland Greenland
207) default-flag Saint Pierre Miquelon
208) Montserrat Montserrat
209) Falkland Islands Falkland Islands
210) default-flag Western Sahara
211) default-flag MS Zaandam
212) Anguilla Anguilla

Covid19 Mortality Rate By Age